Painting a Bee Eater with Markers

Painting with Markers is so fun! Overlaying the many different Marker colors can be a lot like overlaying paints, creating any color combinations in the spectrum.  Here’s another Demo-Video on how to achieve very vibrant Wildlife Drawings.  Enjoy!     Artist’s Tool Box: Markers-  MST SET-160-ALL Marker Paper-  USA PMP100-09X12-2PK   Thanks for tuning in and leave your thoughts in the comments below. Continue reading Painting a Bee Eater with Markers

Painting a Honey Sucker with Markers

Using Markers is one of my favorite things to create art with. They are easy and convenient and with so many colors to choose from, the color combinations are endless!  Here’s another fun little Demo-Video showing you how to paint with markers! Enjoy.       Artist’s Tool Box: Markers-  MST SET-80-A Marker Paper-  USA PMP100-09X12-2PK   Grab your Markers and follow along.  Have a … Continue reading Painting a Honey Sucker with Markers

Airbrushing a Simple Tribal Design

Here is a very simple Demo-Video on Airbrushing Black & White designs using Stencils.  Today I am using a loose handheld stencil of a Tribal design on a Round Canvas to create a simple Tribal Shield. They’re very fun and you can create it any way you want! Enjoy.     Artist’s Tool Box: Airbrush and Compressor-  ABD KIT-G444 Airbrush Paint-  USA AB1071-1Z   Have … Continue reading Airbrushing a Simple Tribal Design

Airbrushing a Galaxy on a Black Canvas

Stippling is such an easy method for painting Stars and Galaxies.  By manipulating the Airbrush needle cap and Air cap, you can create any size dots and stipples by turning the air pressure up or down (up for finer dots and down for bigger dots).  Try it out and see your Galaxy come to life!     Artist’s Tool Box: Airbrush, Compressor and paints:  ABD … Continue reading Airbrushing a Galaxy on a Black Canvas

Painting a Golden Eagle

Painting with watercolors can be such a joy! Here is a short Demo-Video on a Golden Eagle I created using Watercolor Cakes and special Water Pens made for painting with these cakes. Artist’s Tool Box: Watercolor Cakes:   USA WC-36USA WC-36 Watercolor Paper: USA PWC300-11X14-2PK Water Pens:  USA WP-12   Leave a comment below and let me know what ya think!  Thanks for watching   … Continue reading Painting a Golden Eagle