Airbrush Step-by-Step

Step-by-Step: Airbrushing the Goddess portrait

Step 1: Using a palette knife, I created a colorful background with thick acrylic paint. Just create something that makes you feel good.
Step 2: Next, I created a stencil for Airbrushing her face. With the E-acto blade, I only cut away the areas that are to be painted Black…i.e. the nostrils, the eyes, ect.
Step 3: Now I can take the outline stencil of her face and I Airbrush that white, to cover some of the cool background color. (in preparation of shading the portrait)
This gives me a solid white base to add my Portrait on.
Step 4: Now I can take my stencil cut out and prepare to spray the dark areas with transparent black. Here I am using weights to hold the stencil down. Note: I do not like using spray adhesive or frisket film as it can damage the artwork or leave a film of sticky glue on my art.
Just build the shadows up gradually as opposed to “blasting” the entire stencil dark and black. Have fun layering in the shades.
Step 5: Remove the stencil and begin Freehanding the details of the face, neck and shoulders. This is my favorite part about Airbrushing Portraits because you can really see it come to life. I am using a transparent Black to build up the shading gradually. Take your time.
Step 6: After all the shading is complete, I can then add all the highlights in the eyes, nose and lips. Watch the portrait come to life with this step!
I have already added the outline shading for her Head Scarf, in the shading step, in preparation for adding it lastly.
Step 7: Using Acrylic paint, I brush in the red scarf where I like. I use a complimentary color compared to the background color to make her standout with a pleasing outcome. I chose red because I feel that it would go good with the blues and greens. What do you think?
2018-01-30 13.34.56
Step 8: Lastly, I add some delicate freehand airbrushing to the scarf to make it appear silk like and soft. I used transparent black and pink over the red to render this fabric effect. I then added a white dot indicating her nose ring. Follow these steps to create your own Goddess, however you see her coming to life. Have fun and remember to CLEAN YOUR AIRBRUSH!

Artist tool box:

Master Airbrush: MAS G-22

Master Air Compressor: ABD-TC-848

Airbrush Paint: USA-AB-KIT-D36

Paint Brushes:  USA BS-101


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