Airbrush Step-by-Step

Step-by-Step: Airbrushing the Goddess Portrait #2

Step 1: Using thick acrylic Browns and Orange paints, I laid down the background. Choose some colors that appeal to you and the colors that make you feel good.
Step 2: Cut out the stencil of her face, only cutting out the dark areas to painted black…I.e. the eyes, nostrils, lips..ect.
Step 3: The next step is to lay down some white Airbrush paint for the base color of her face. Now, try to start building up the details, even in this stage; as opposed to just spraying her all “flat” white.
Step 4: It is time to Airbrush the dark areas with the stencil details you’ve created. Again, spray the details in this step as well, instead of just spraying a “flat” black. Note; I am using weights to hold down my stencil as I do not like using adhesives or Frisket on my work. This has damaged my art in past.
Step 5: Here comes the fun but, challenging part of freehanding in the delicate details of the face. I am using a transparent black airbrush paint and I am gently layering on the shades of the face. Keep in mind the light source for every feature of your portrait and, be patient with these layers.
Step 6: Next comes the white higlights on her chin, lips, nose and especially the eyes! Watch her come to life in this step!
Notice that I have added the shadows of where see the Head scarf will be. I do this in preparation for the 3D effect and depth of the scarf.
Step 7:  I can now add on the Blue head scarf using acrylic paint and a paint brush. I chose blue because I felt that it compliments the Browns and Oranges in the background.
Step 8: Now it’s time to detail and define the silkiness of the head scarf using a light Blue and Transparent Black Airbrush paints. You may even choose to use a free-handheld curve tool to help you define the curves of the fabric.
Good art begins with good art tools. I don’t mean expensive, I mean quality. Here’s what I’m using….

Artist tool box:

Master Airbrush: MAS G-22

Master Air Compressor: ABD-TC-848

Airbrush Paint: USA-AB-KIT-D36

Paint Brushes:  USA BS-101


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