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Airbrushing a custom Storm Trooper helmet with Automotive paints

So I have been wanting to show off the airbrush and its use in crafting and automotive paints.  Although I use the airbrush for all types of art, I want to show you that you can use it on anything; cars, bikes, surfboards, boats, helmets, cakes, body art, signs, clothing, linens, walls, murals crafts and so much more!  Today I am going to paint a simple little Storm Troopers helmet for a custom , one-of-a-kind piece.  So grab your brush and paint along with me.

Photo 10-17-18, 2 40 46 PM
Step 1.  So the first thing I do to this helmet is to primer the entire helmet.  I am just using black acrylic airbrush paint for this.  Since the chameleon paint I will be painting it is a water based automotive paint, I can use this acrylic through my airbrush. Remember to always wear a respirator when spray with any type of air born paints…always.
Photo 10-17-18, 2 44 00 PM
Step 2.  Spray the helmet with even layers for about 3-4 coats.  I want the entire thing to be covered in black to receive my Chameleon paint.  Let the paint dry completely in between coats.
Photo 10-17-18, 2 50 29 PM
Step 3.  Now that the black paint is on the helmet and every possible nook and cranny is filled in, we can start to spray light even coats of the Chameleon over the black.  Again, let the layers dry completely in between coats.  For the Chameleon, I would like for the paint to really stand out, so I will be adding 4-5 coats.  Remember to always wear your respirator.
Photo 10-17-18, 5 09 57 PM
Step 4.   So now that the helmet looks nice and dry (after sitting in the sun), I can handle it and add black paint to the eyes and mouth parts of the helmet.  I am using a fine round brush to paint these in.  I like the way the helmet looks like something out of the Star Wars movies with its Gold and royal look.
Photo 10-18-18, 10 56 40 AM
Step 5.  So as you can see how small the helmet is, there is no reason to have to bust out the ‘ol spray gun just to clear coat it.  I am using a 2 part clear coat in a can.  These are so handy and convenient for little fun crafting projects like this.  I am applying 2-3 heavy coats and again, letting the clear dry in between coats.  Watch how it really just shines with a little clear coat.
Photo 10-18-18, 10 56 53 AM
Step 6.  Let the clear coat to “bake” in the sun.  This allows the clear coat to really dry fast and hot.  Plus, this looks really cool under the sun!
Photo 10-18-18, 10 57 01 AM
Final……….In a Galaxy, far, far away…..dunnn, dunnnn, dunnnn

I hope you liked painting along with me today!  This was a fun little example of how you can use your airbrush not just for art, but for whatever you decide on adding color and life to.  Happy Painting!

For more crafting ideas, please leave a comment below and we can do a future tutorial on your ideas.


Artist tool box:

Airbrush and Compressor- ABD KIT-G34

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  1. can you paint a goalie helmet

    1. paintersforumadmin says:

      I don’t, but I have someone who can.
      What is your email address?

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