Custom Airbrushing Bob Ross Funko Pops

The airbrush is such a diverse tool in an artist’s art box. It can be used to paint fine art, illustrations, automotive art, cake decorating, body art, signs, fingernail art, makeup, murals and even crafts.

Today we’ll be custom painting some Bob Ross Funko Pops toys with some custom colors.  I will take you on an easy step-by-step on how to paint your own toys.  Grab your airbrush and paint along with me.

Step 1:  First step is to spray primer over the toys to protect the plastic from the solvents used in the final clear coat.  Using the airbrush, I use a black acrylic airbrush paint as my primer. I chose Black as my primer because the Chameleon color I will be using looks best over black paint.
Step 2:  Chameleon color shifting paint is a very interesting color.  It will change color in the sun and change even further depending on the angle you look at it.  There are many different color shifting paints out there like Gold to Green, Green to Purple, Purple to Silver and so on.  Today we’ll be spraying a Gold to Green and a Blue to Green chameleon color from Custom shop , over these toys.

Using a low pressure (25 psi) I carefully spray this color over every little nook and crevasse including the feet.  You will want to spray at least 3 to four light layers over the black primer paint as opposed to thick heavy layers.  Let dry 10 minutes in between coats.  I do this to avoid any orange peel effects in the paint job. I want it to look as smooth as possible.

Step 3:  When the 4 layers are nice and shiny, I can now look to clear coating my Pop toys.  Like any painting methods and like the one we used earlier, Clear coating takes layers to really make a nice effect.  Spray your clear coat 3-4 layers thick and let dry or flash in between coats (usually  5- 10 minutes).



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Thank you to Display Geek for the Funko Pops and Customshop for the amazing paints.



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