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Beginner Strokes

Beginner Practice Strokes and Shading

Airbrushing can be one of the most difficult and challenging methods of painting out there.  Whether you’re into Hobby, Crafts, Fine art, Illustration, Automotive, Face Painting, Body Art, T-shirt & Textile art, Cake Decorating, Nail art or Murals,  getting to know you’re Airbrush can be a beautiful life-long Journey. This is because there are so …

Oil Step-by-Step

Landscapes with Airbrush and Oil paints

Artists’ Tool Box Airbrush:  MAS G44 Air compressor:  ABD TC-20-HB Airbrush paint:  USA AB-KIT-12-TRN Oil paint: USA PT-OIL-24 Brushes:  USA BS-022 Palette knives: USA KS-93   Make sure to check out our Youtube channel for more fun videos on painting and   Give us a Follow on Instagram @ usartsupply  & Happy Painting, Anh Pham. …