How to remove a broken Fluid Nozzle from your Airbrush

Airbrushing is such a joy, that is, when everything in the airbrush is working properly. I believe education is key to anything we do and knowing IS half the battle. Here is a video on how to remove a broken Fluid Nozzle. We have all been there painting and suddenly the fluid nozzle snaps off, perhaps during cleaning or disassembly of your airbrush. It is … Continue reading How to remove a broken Fluid Nozzle from your Airbrush

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After the Pour. Airbrushing the Fire Goddess

Not all Great things have to end. You can keep creating art over and over again, even recycling canvases or panels. Here is a pour that I wasn’t very happy about and thought I could salvage some of the canvas by painting a portraait over it. For this kind of magic, I will need the airbrush, so grab your brush and paint along with me! … Continue reading After the Pour. Airbrushing the Fire Goddess

Using Paint Markers to create Wildlife Art

I travel a lot and it is wildlife that I like the most about those countries. This does mean I have to be creative in the methods I stay artistic even when traveling. Paint markers are the best way for me to keep the creative juices flowing when I’m on the go. Today we will look at how to create a Chameleon on a branch. … Continue reading Using Paint Markers to create Wildlife Art

Airbrushing Waves on Canvas

The best way to really study waves is not painting them, it is watching them. Watching them crash endlessly on the shore is something that has fascinated me ever since I was a little boy. Today I will show you how I paint waves using the airbrush and paint brushes. So, grab your paints and let’s get to it. Artist’s Tool Box: Airbrush Compressor Paint … Continue reading Airbrushing Waves on Canvas

Airbrushing in Chiaroscuro style

This is a very interesting style of painting called Chiaroscuro. It is painting with light and using highlights to create shadows. Today’s subject is a study of a young girl’s profile. So grab your brushes and let’s get to it! So there you have it; some airbrushing white on black portraiture work. Building highlights to create shadows and the manipulation of light and dark, also … Continue reading Airbrushing in Chiaroscuro style