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Baby Sea Turtle-Painting Rocks on a small scale

Painting rocks can be just so fun and rewarding.  For me it because of the roundness off the canvas you are working on and the hardness of the rock that makes this style of painting so satisfying!  Today, I will be painting a baby Green sea Turtle.  So, grab your rock and join me as we transform them into art.
Step 1: First we start by painting the entire rock white on both sides.  Apply several coats (4-5 coats) and let dry.  Select the side of the rock that is the smoothest.
Step 2:  I then add a black base coat to where the Turtle will be coming out of.  On the edges of the cracked shell, make it nice and clean cracked looking edges.  We will add the crack lines later.
Step 3:  Now we can start to block in the Turtles head and body.  For this I use some very fine round paint brushes.  I am only painting in a rough base for the different colors of his body and head.
Step 4:  Now we can start to fine tune the details of the head with a very fine liner brush.  In this step we can also begin to add in the colors of the  shell.  The baby Sea turtles have a very soft shell when they are born and the colors are very cool and spotted.  These, you can paint in using a round brush.  Add in all the detail you can as the next step will involve a little airbrushing.
Step 5:  So pull out the ‘ol airbrush for some shading and highlighting.  I first paint a little transparent black around the areas that are coming out of the shell, like the neck, shell and arms.  I want it to look like those areas are shaded from  the shell to give it depth.  Now, notice I added a little drop shadow under the head, onto the shell to make the head appear like it is coming out and above the shell.  Next I added a touch of white highlights to the head and fin to really make it pop out.
Final:  So there you have it!  Your very own baby Green Sea Turtle.  I hope you have enjoyed this step by step as I am very happy with the way it all came out…(Pun intended)  If you liked this tutorial, please leave a comment below or just leave your thoughts and ideas on future blog posts.  Happy painting and stay colorful!

Artist’s Tool Box:

Airbrush:  MAS G25
Paints:  USA AB-KIT-12-SEC
Brushes:   USA BS-D05

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