Beginner Strokes

Beginner Practice Strokes and Shading

Airbrushing can be one of the most difficult and challenging methods of painting out there.  Whether you’re into Hobby, Crafts, Fine art, Illustration, Automotive, Face Painting, Body Art, T-shirt & Textile art, Cake Decorating, Nail art or Murals,  getting to know you’re Airbrush can be a beautiful life-long Journey.

This is because there are so many factors to consider associated with the Art of Airbrushing.  Unlike a Pencil, Paintbrush or marker, which are Elementary, Airbrushes are their own creature with many internal moving parts.  If one of the parts is malfunctioning, the entire airbrush will too malfunction.

The actual painting with an Airbrush is also multifaceted where the strokes include Distance + Speed + Paint.  The in-depth video below covers all of these aspects of beginning to control your Airbrush and the results you require from it.


Artist’s Tool Box:

Airbrush set:  ECO KIT-17

If you have any questions regarding anything Airbrush, please leave a comment below.


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  1. Art Funk says:

    I am thinking of buying the paasche vlst which is a siphon feed. I am looking for a outdoor paint to be applied to metal that is going to be getting wet a lot. This is my first time playing around with an airbrush, I will be doing a lot of painting of small details. I have been doing a lot of internet exploring and I think that this is a good airbrush. But no one has a good idea for paint.

    1. artistanhpham says:

      Hey art funk….so firstly I would not get a Paasche for your fist brush, nothing against them, because we sell them but, I would go with something that it easier to use than the VL. Especially if you’ll be doing detail like you mentioned. is a great detail brush and is also great for not just general use, but good for fine art, graphics, ect.
      For paint, we have all types of paint for you to use outdoor but, most will require a clear coat protective finish….like anything getting wet. is a good paint! They are used on automobiles, bikes..ect. and again require clear coating if used for outdoor and gets wet.

      also check out usartsupply for more selections on both of these items! Hope this helps….cheers

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