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Airbrush Videos

Time Lapse painting of a Hummingbird using the Bokeh technique

Welcome back to another fun little demo and time lapse video of how to paint a hummingbird, in mid flight.  I like to use several different illusions in this painting.  The background is a photography technique called Bokeh which is the use of out of focus backgrounds to emphasize the subject matter.  Another really fun …

Airbrush Step-by-Step

Airbrushing a custom Storm Trooper helmet with Automotive paints

So I have been wanting to show off the airbrush and its use in crafting and automotive paints.  Although I use the airbrush for all types of art, I want to show you that you can use it on anything; cars, bikes, surfboards, boats, helmets, cakes, body art, signs, clothing, linens, walls, murals crafts and …

Airbrush Step-by-Step

Airbrushing Logan on a car hood, step by step and piece by piece.

I am, on many levels a nerd.  I am an art nerd, a dedicated paint dork and a certified X-Men geek.  I love the X-Men, Logan and Hugh Jackman!  He is one of my favorite actors and Wolverine is my all time favorite Mutant and superhero.  Now if I can only combine these aspects of …