Airbrushing Waves on Canvas

The best way to really study waves is not painting them, it is watching them. Watching them crash endlessly on the shore is something that has fascinated me ever since I was a little boy. Today I will show you how I paint waves using the airbrush and paint brushes. So, grab your paints and let’s get to it. Artist’s Tool Box: Airbrush Compressor Paint … Continue reading Airbrushing Waves on Canvas

Airbrushing in Chiaroscuro style

This is a very interesting style of painting called Chiaroscuro. It is painting with light and using highlights to create shadows. Today’s subject is a study of a young girl’s profile. So grab your brushes and let’s get to it! So there you have it; some airbrushing white on black portraiture work. Building highlights to create shadows and the manipulation of light and dark, also … Continue reading Airbrushing in Chiaroscuro style

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Time Lapse of a Great Horned Owl with Colored Pencils

Drawing and using colored pencils is the best way to unwind with some art. They are very easy to use and you can achieve so many different textures and styles with them. I actually prefer them to painting some times because they don’t take an entire night’s dedication. You can start and stop whenever you want and then pick up where you last left off. … Continue reading Time Lapse of a Great Horned Owl with Colored Pencils

How to Airbrush Portraits-A short Glimpse

So, one of the most challenging things to tackle in Airbrushing would have to be painting portraits. One more challenging thing about portraits is painting the faces of women and children compared to the portraitures of, let’s say old men with wrinkles. The reason being, women and children have smooth skin and are less forgiving for mistakes or overpainting. Old men with wrinkles can accept … Continue reading How to Airbrush Portraits-A short Glimpse

Watercolor and Wave painting- Timelapse

So I really wish I could show you all how to paint a wave in real time, but That would be the hugest file ever! So here is a timelapse of exactly the technique I use to paint a wave. I did want to show you the color steps and the process of painting a live wave. I hope this will give a little insight … Continue reading Watercolor and Wave painting- Timelapse