Colored Pencils Step-by-Step

Drawing the Black Panther. Colored Pencil art using the Chiaroscuro technique.

  1. the treatment of light and shade in drawing and painting.
    • an effect of contrasted light and shadow created by light falling unevenly or from a particular direction on something.

      Drawing is a lot like painting, in fact, Michaelangelo says that one cannot be a painter if they have not mastered the pencil.


2018-05-18 16.50.26
Step 1:  Using 3 different shades of grey and white pencils, I start to sketch out the spacing of the Black Panther’s head.
2018-05-18 16.51.10
Step 2:  With no extensive detailing yet, I am mapping out the form of his cape with a dark grey pencil. For the dark shadow areas, I am simply avoiding these areas.  I do not plan on using any black pencil and simply relying on the black of the paper for shading.
2018-05-18 16.51.35
Step 3:  With some of the body form in place, I can start to really add shading and highlights in his armor and muscles.  Here I use a light grey and very little white pencil for extreme highlights.
2018-05-18 16.53.52
Step 4:  Using the dark grey again, I add more muscle tone and the armor on his body.  Add the pencil strokes very lightly until it is ready for the build-up of more highlights.
2018-05-18 16.54.47
Step 5:  In addition to continuing the build-up of the muscles, I now start to add some white pencil for the brightest reflections of light.  Notice how I have very lightly scratched in the dark grey pencil work and eventually fading into black.  This is the technique used by the Renaissance masters, the manipulation of light and dark.

2018-05-18 16.55.06

Step 6:  A final step of adding white pencil highlights for the final touch is so fun. You can see your Black Panther really come to life in this step.


Thank you for joining in today and drawing along with me.  Please leave your thoughts, ideas and comments below.  Happy drawing and Aloha.

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