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Creating Greeting Cards PHO Valentine’s

Caution this will make you hungry! Step 1: Using a pencil, sketch out your design on Watercolor paper .
Step 2: Using clean water, get the inside of the bowl wet first and then apply your beef Pho broth colors. (Yellow ochre and Raw Sienna)
Step 3: Now, use white Acrylic paint for the Vermicelli Pho noodles. Add as much as you want but save room for the meat and onions.
Step 4: It is time to add on the Beef Brisket and Rare steak. (ok, now I’m getting hungry)
Step 5: With a nice dark green, I add the chopped green onions and the larger piece of green onion. I also start to add more noodles with white Paint Marker (because my stomach is growling at this point)
Step 6: Back to using water color, add the shading to the bowl itself by wetting the bowl with clean water, then add black/grey. Here, you can also start to decorate the bowl with whatever design you like.
Step 7: Using a black marker, write your Valentine message! (at this point, I’m too hungry to laugh)
Here, you can add any last touches like reflections in the soup, onions, beef.
Step 8: Stick some double sided tape on the back of your art and prepare to stick it on your card.
Center it and stick it on.
Here are the art supplies I used in this bowl of Pho.  Thank you for joining me…

Artists’ Tool Box:

Watercolor Paint:   USA PT-WAT-36

Acrylic Paint: USA PT-ACR-12

Paint Markers:   USA PPW15-FINE

Super Markers:   USA SM-A012-MANGA

Watercolor Paper: USA PWC300-12X16-2PK

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