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Do’s and Don’ts

Step 1: Using a nice sky blue color, fade in your Irish sky down towards the ocean horizon. Then using a straight edge, create the horizon line about half way down the canvas.

Here are just a couple of things that you Do and Don’t want to do during airbrushing, that might help you make Airbrushing a little more enjoyable.

– Although Acrylic paint is non toxic, always spray in a ventilated area

– Always wear a protective mask while Airbrushing any type of paint.

– When spraying Urethane paints, always wear a OSHA approved respirator inside a certified spray booth

– Never leave paint in the Airbrush 

– Do not use gasoline as a cleaner

– Do not use abrasives to clean Airbrush parts (Steel wool, Brilo pads, sand paper…etc)

– Always use the appropriate reducers and cleaners 

Acrylic, use Water

Urethane, use Reducer

Food coloring, use Water
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