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How to Airbrush Portraits-A short Glimpse

So, one of the most challenging things to tackle in Airbrushing would have to be painting portraits. One more challenging thing about portraits is painting the faces of women and children compared to the portraitures of, let’s say old men with wrinkles. The reason being, women and children have smooth skin and are less forgiving for mistakes or overpainting. Old men with wrinkles can accept the mistakes and so forth. Here, I give some examples of using positive and negative stenciling and masking mixed with the use of freehand shading. So, grab your Airbrush and let’s get to it!

So there you have it. A quick glimpse of how I paint my portraits using masks, stencils and a lot of free-handing. For more instruction on Free-handing, please visit
Beginner Practice Strokes and Shading
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Artist’s Tool Box:

Airbrush and Compressor- ABD KIT-3AIR-WICK-20

Airbrush Paints- USA AB-KIT-S24

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