Airbrush Step-by-Step

How to paint an American Bald Eagle

One of my favorite things to paint are Eagle’s.  I love the power they hold and the beauty they possess.  Come along with me as we paint this so, grab your airbrush and let’s get started.

Step 1: First, cut out a stencil of your Eagle and mount it on your canvas. As you can see this is only a cut out of the head and the eyes and mouth.  For this step, I am painting the background sky blue.
Step 2: Now that the positive part of the stencil is cut out, add the negative part around the head of the Eagle. At this point, I can add the yellow to the beak and eyes.
Step 3 Now remove the positive stencil ( the head) and reveal the Eagle’s white head.
Step 4: Here comes the free handing! Using a transparent black, carefully add in the Eagle’s head plumage. I am only painting in the shadows of the feathers. Add some shading to the eyebrow and beak as well..
Step 5: Now for the fine feather work, I use a very fine paintbrush to create some interesting dots and fine feathers around the eyes and beak. I am using transparent black again for the brushwork.
2018-06-19 18.23.41
Step 6: After some final airbrushed shading, I can add the white highlights in the eyes. This is always my favorite part of the game; watching the bird really come to life.
2018-06-19 18.19.07
Thank you for joining me on another fun painting! Feel free to add any comments below or just your thoughts on our project today. Follow me on Instagram at artistanhpham. Happy Painting!

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