Oil Step-by-Step

Landscapes with Airbrush and Oil paints

Step 1: Airbrush an even yellow strip where you envision your sunset.
Step 2: Now add orange and blend it into the yellow. You may add little dagger strokes , indicating some distant whisps of clouds.
Step 3: Here you can add a bright red and blend this into the Orange. You can also add some of the dagger strokes to keep the cloud effect going.
Step 4: Next, add touches of pink above the red. This gives a great transition into the purple in the next step.
Step 5: Now comes the deep purple. Notice that the whole feel of the painting already has movement to it because of directions of the airbrush strokes.
Step 6: This is the fun part where you can really build your mountains however you’d like. Using a palette knife and Oil paints, apply some Raw Sienna, Pink, Orange, and Yellows for the mountains.
Step 7: With a mix of Dark Grey and Burnt Umber, paint in the shadows of the mountains and also the reflections of the mountains. Whatever you do on the top, also do under them to give the effect of reflection on the water.
Step 8: Now you can smooth out the water reflections a little with a paint brush. Also create a water line or where ever you see the water line.
Step 9: Mix a little white with Ultramarine blue and add a little snow on the dark shadowy side of the mountain. This really makes the mountain pop out with beauty.
Step 10: Using a paint brush again, add little lake brush and bushes on the edge of the water. Don’t forget to add them in the reflection as well.
Step 11: Then you can grab that palette knife and start to cut in a water line using white paint. This gives the effect of some water crashing against the shore. It does’nt have to be straight. It can be however you envision your beach.  Thank you painting along with me.

Artists’ Tool Box

Airbrush:  MAS G44

Air compressorABD TC-20-HB

Airbrush paint:  USA AB-KIT-12-TRN

Oil paint: USA PT-OIL-24

Brushes:  USA BS-022

Palette knives: USA KS-93


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