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Learning to Draw with highlights to create Art

A writer once said…” you need to learn to read before you can write.” I feel the same way about painting and drawing. One needs to learn to learn the principles of lighting, shading, perspective, line, contour, depth and shape before applying anything to paint. So I have prepared a little time lapse drawing that will help you understand this a little clearer. Anh Pham

Here is a little exercise in drawing to help you understand depth, contrast, perspective, contour and emotion in your drawings. This is an exercise to illustrate the power of the basic principles of art that can be applied to any medium you choose to use. I hope you enjoyed this lesson and can take something from this. Please leave your thoughts, ideas, and comments below. Remember to stay colorful, be creative and keep painting!

Artist Tool Box:

Colored Pencils- USA PS-1250

Pastel Paper- USA PPP180-09X12-2PK

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