Acrylics Step-by-Step

Phatty “Pizza Face” Puppy

Painting your own Pets can be one of the best things in the world! So can pizza though. So, what happens when you combine the two of your favorite things? This! Step 1: After kneading the dough and bake the dough with a mix of yellows and brown paint, you can begin to add your favorite ingredients like Pepperoni.
Step 2: Now that the Pepperoni and sausage bits are painted in, you can start to add the Mozzarella and Cheddar cheeses to your pizza. Leave room for the puppies head in the middle.
Step 3: So here I add some bits of Olives and Olive oil highlights around the crust making the pizza look greasy.
Step 4: Let the pizza cool before adding the Puppy’s head and body. you don’t want to burn the puppy. I have selected my little Lhasa Apso simply because she loves pizza more than I do.
Step 5: Build up the layers of hair and pay attention to the dark areas for a set back effect and the highlights as a set forward effect. Take your time adding shadows and highlights as fur can be challenging. Next add the highlights to the eyes….set the brick oven to high and cook for 45 minutes or until done.

Artist’s Tool Box:

Acrylic Paint USA PT-ACR-24

Airbrush system MAS KIT-G233-16B

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