Oil Step-by-Step

Oil painting over Airbrushed Acrylics -Drombeg Ancient Stone Circle, Ireland

Step 1: Using an Airbrush and a nice sky blue Airbrush paint, fade in your Irish sky down towards the ocean horizon. Then using a straight edge, create the horizon line about half way down the canvas.
Step 2: Here you can use a dark grey or a transparent black to fill in the shadows of the clouds. They can be where ever and how ever you want the clouds to be. For mine, I want them to be whipping around the ocean sky.
Step 3: Now you can start to build up the white clouds on top of the grey shadowed clouds. I like to make my clouds very organic and free flowing.  You can achieve this easily with the airbrush.  There really isn’t any form to them, so just have fun with this step!
Step 4: Before I can start adding any land, I need to create the double rainbow. Knowing that the rainbow will be living behind the mountains, I have to do this first. Notice the main rainbow is opaque while the second part of the double is more transparent and translucent.
Step 5: Now comes the rolling hills and mountains that Ireland is so famous for. You can start adding the more distant hills by using a light green Oil color and a paint brush. Remember hills will appear more distant when you use lighter colors and they appear closer when darker colors are used, as you will see in the next few steps.
Step 6: Now, using a smaller paint brush and Oil paint, start adding in the little trees and coastal bushes along the hill side. At this stage, you want the colors to stay light and “pastel” like.
Step 7: Here we are going to build up another hill in front of the first one using a slightly darker green. I am using a palette knife to cut out the ridge because of the hard edge it gives. Leave some of the light ares from the previous hill to give the illusion of distance.
Step 8: Now we can start adding some more of the coastal bushes. I use a dark green first and then add the highlights on them with a light green and white mixture. Make your trees live wherever and however you want to in this step.
Step 9: With the circle of Earth and grass, I want to create for the Stone circle, I start formatting this out in this step. Using a dark grey, add dark shadows under the bushes while creating the land circle. This will give you a stage to create the Stone circle.
Step 10: Now, using a palette knife Oil paint, start to cut in the stones that will be furthest away in the circle. I am using white and grey here to cut the stones. Don’t use black yet as you want to give the illusion of distance still.
Step 11: Here you can add in the rest of the stones and their shadows on the ground. Notice, the further away from the ocean’s horizon line I paint, the closer the objects appear. Also you can start to add a little black to the stones closest to you, also adding to the illusion of distance.
Note: Since the shadows fall to the right of the stones, keep the highlights on the stones on the left. This part is so fun so keep it consistant and but, stay loose.
Step 12: Now that the stones in the back are completed, you can begin to build up the stones closer to you. I am using black and white to get the illusion even more realistic as they really standout compared to the one’s in the distance. You will want to make them larger than anything in the circle to add to this feel.
Step 13: Since it is an amazing Irish Spring day here, I will add little yellow flowers to the ground. Maybe it has just stopped raining and all the Flowers are coming out to greet the sun!

Artist’s Tool Box:

Airbrush:   MAS G44

Compressor:  ABD TC-20

Airbrush paints:  USA AB-KIT-12-TRN

Oil paints:  USA PT-OIL-36

Paint brushes:  USA BS-022


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