Mixed Media Step-by-Step

Step-by-Step: Painting a Groundhog

Step 1: Loosely map out where you would like the “photo blurs” to appear by Airbrushing Light Yellow.
Step 2: With a very Light Green, start to build up around the Yellow Blurs with the Airbrush. This is where you would also map out where the Groundhog will live.
Step 3: Next, you are going to define the Blurs even further using a dark Green; making random “Jellybean” and Ball shapes. These shapes are not important as they are just background.
Step 4: Here, you can add a little Raw Sienna and Orange highlights in the Blurs. This gives the flavor of Flowers or something going on in the background.
Step 5: A transparent black will ultimately define and pull out the Yellow Photo blurs from the vegetation in the background.
Step 6: Next, Get that Groundhog out of its hole and onto your canvas. Here I used a mix of Paintbrush and Airbrush. I used Yellows, Siennas, Dark Grey and Umber colors for the Groundhog’s fur.
Step 7: Next comes the Groundhog’s home in the ground. I used Acrylic paints and Paintbrush to create the different textures for the dirt, rocks, grass and Daisies. Keep in mind where the light source is coming from, so that the whole piece is tied into together.


Artists Tool Box:

Airbrush: MAS G44

Compressor: MAS TC-40

Paint: USA PT-ACR-24 (Acrylic Paint)

Paint Brushes: USA BS-124

Happy Painting!  – Artist, Anh Pham

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