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Mixed Media Step-by-Step

Airbrushing Famous Portraits series *DJ Tara Brooks*

When painting a portrait of anyone famous, I definitely need to make sure that it is spot on.  Not only will the fans notice if anything is off but, when the celebrity sees it, they will be happy.  Now, painting any portrait is challenging for that very reason.  When painting a lady, however, it can …

Airbrush Step-by-Step

Painting a Portrait of Larry Harvey- The Founder of Burningman

In honor of one of the enigmatic people in our lifetime, I wanted to paint a portrait of Mr. Larry Harvey;  the founder of Burningman.  Burningman is one of the most outlandish and outrageous art events, showcasing the worlds’ most beautiful art installations and creative minds in the world.  Every year, tens of Thousands of …