Airbrushing in Chiaroscuro style

This is a very interesting style of painting called Chiaroscuro. It is painting with light and using highlights to create shadows. Today’s subject is a study of a young girl’s profile. So grab your brushes and let’s get to it! So there you have it; some airbrushing white on black portraiture work. Building highlights to create shadows and the manipulation of light and dark, also … Continue reading Airbrushing in Chiaroscuro style

Pouring Paint with Silicone and Torch

Pouring paint is so very unpredictable but, that is what is so enticing about this style of painting! I do love to play with art that creates itself and when I do, it is so very therapeutic. So, grab some paint and let’s get to it. Artists Tool Box: Acrylic Paints Acrylic Pouring Mediums Silicone Pouring Oil Pouring Panels Mixing cups Please follow and like … Continue reading Pouring Paint with Silicone and Torch

How to paint realistic Pet Portraits from a Photo

Welcome back to the Painter’s Forum! Today we will be looking at the technique on how to paint a per portrait from a photo. Painting a pet portrait can be just as challenging as painting a human portrait because the owners of the pets know every little detail about their dog or cat. If the eyes are too wide or far apart from each other, … Continue reading How to paint realistic Pet Portraits from a Photo