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Airbrush Videos

Time Lapse painting of a Hummingbird using the Bokeh technique

Welcome back to another fun little demo and time lapse video of how to paint a hummingbird, in mid flight.  I like to use several different illusions in this painting.  The background is a photography technique called Bokeh which is the use of out of focus backgrounds to emphasize the subject matter.  Another really fun …

Airbrush Step-by-Step

Disco Queen – Painting with white paint on black board

Painting portraits is usually done by creating shadows with a dark color on a light surface. Today we will be learning how to paint with highlights on a black board.  This is something that I consider advanced and a technique that does require lots of free handing.  That does not mean that only experts can …

Mixed Media Step-by-Step

Airbrushing Famous Portraits series *DJ Tara Brooks*

When painting a portrait of anyone famous, I definitely need to make sure that it is spot on.  Not only will the fans notice if anything is off but, when the celebrity sees it, they will be happy.  Now, painting any portrait is challenging for that very reason.  When painting a lady, however, it can …