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The Studio Space


When you see someone’s art, do you sometimes wonder how they make them? Where do they make it?  Or,  wonder what can I do to my space and make it into a little art studio?  After all, magic has to happen somewhere that is our own!   Well here is a  little glimpse of what my art studio and creative space looks like.

I have converted my front balcony into a covered airbrush and oil paint studio.  It has lots of airflow and windows for ventilation and lots of lights ($75).


To the left, I built a very affordable and inexpensive 4′ x 6′ art table ($50) with a nice fat canvas lip for larger paintings if I decide I want to go big.  It has airbrush holders all over it and nails and screws to hang random things like tape, hoses etc. I bought little cabinets from the thrift store ($15) to store art boxes and painting supplies.


To the right, I have multiple easels ($11 each) for drying racks and a safe place to stage canvases between sessions.  Oil paints can take up to 6 months to a year to dry.

20171202_131250 (1)

In the back , there is my little kitchen for easy access to all the coffee I can drink.  Honestly, I also use this area as an art gallery to remind myself “I can do it”.  This is very important to remind yourself that anything is possible.


USARTSupply has so many cool organizing cases and boxes to help straighten up your art things. Here is my little box that holds all my Oil paints, Brushes and Palette knives. It is actually a carrying case and it turns into an easel if I want to paint out on the field. Things like this can make your art studio an inviting place to be.


Below, in the picture, there is a small little area for the ever present doggie in my life (priceless) who is there with me always until go to sleep.

What if I don’t have a spare balcony, or kitchen or doggie?  Make the most of what room you do have.  A garage, a closet, a corner in the bedroom, a shed or just a backyard.  Maybe you have room for that giant TV and giant couch that you can convert into a wonderful little art space instead?  There is always somewhere you can create your magic and do your thing! It just depends on what is important to YOU!

Remember that you are the creator of your visions and having a space to create is the first step to living a life of the artist you strive to be.  Happy Painting


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