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Time Lapse painting of a Hummingbird using the Bokeh technique

Welcome back to another fun little demo and time lapse video of how to paint a hummingbird, in mid flight.  I like to use several different illusions in this painting.  The background is a photography technique called Bokeh which is the use of out of focus backgrounds to emphasize the subject matter.  Another really fun technique, which is also a photographers technique and that is the motion blur.  I use these to really capture the movement, depth and speed of a hummingbird in the painting.  So grab your airbrush and let’s get to it!


So there you have it! A quick look at how to paint a hummingbird using the airbrush and paint brush.  Thank you for joining me today, I hope you had fun!

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Photo Nov 05, 6 44 43 PM


So here’s what I used to create this Hummingbird….

Artist’s Tool Box:

USA CP12X16-12PK – 12 x 16

MAS G44 – Master High Precision Gravity Feed Airbrush with 0.2 mm Tip

USA AB-KIT-12 – 12 Color Primary Opaque Airbrush Acrylic Paint Colors

USA BS-124 – 12 Piece Nylon Paint Brush Set



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