Water Color Videos

Watercolor and Wave painting- Timelapse

So I really wish I could show you all how to paint a wave in real time, but That would be the hugest file ever! So here is a timelapse of exactly the technique I use to paint a wave. I did want to show you the color steps and the process of painting a live wave. I hope this will give a little insight on the wonderful world of watercolor. So grab a brush and join along!

That was just a little taste of what you can achieve using the watercolor technique. It is one of my most favorite mediums. That does not mean you cannot use the airbrush, markers, colored pencils or acrylic paints with your piece. The road does not need to end there as the sky is the limit! Please leave any thoughts you may have in the comments below. Thank you for joining in today and stay colorful, be creative and paint every day.

Artist’s toolbox: 

Watercolors:  USA PT-WAT-36
Gouache: USA PT-GOU-36
Watercolor brushes:  USA BS-124
Watercolor Paper: USA PWC300-12X16-2PK

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