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Airbrush Step-by-Step

Airbrushing a custom Skateboard for pro skater Doug “Pineapple” Saladino

Welcome back to Painter’s Forum.  Today’s tutorial, is how to paint your own Skateboard deck.  This is such a fun little exercise using the airbrush and masking tape to create your very own designs on your blank decks.  So grab your airbrush and paint along with me!  Let’s get started. So there you have it!  …

Airbrush Step-by-Step

Airbrushing a custom Storm Trooper helmet with Automotive paints

So I have been wanting to show off the airbrush and its use in crafting and automotive paints.  Although I use the airbrush for all types of art, I want to show you that you can use it on anything; cars, bikes, surfboards, boats, helmets, cakes, body art, signs, clothing, linens, walls, murals crafts and …

Airbrush Step-by-Step

Airbrushing Logan on a car hood, step by step and piece by piece.

I am, on many levels a nerd.  I am an art nerd, a dedicated paint dork and a certified X-Men geek.  I love the X-Men, Logan and Hugh Jackman!  He is one of my favorite actors and Wolverine is my all time favorite Mutant and superhero.  Now if I can only combine these aspects of …