Gravity Feed Airbrushes

How to Dissassemble a Pistol Trigger Gravity Feed Airbrush

The most important part of taking up painting with an Airbrush is the cleaning and care for it. Taking time to properly clean your airbrush is what will be the defining attribute to a nice clean airbrush painting.

The saying used to be “your painting will only be as good as your equipment,”  when it is in fact, ” your art will only be as good as how clean your equipment is.”

We always hear that people have an airbrush but, it is in the garage collecting dust because ‘I couldn’t get it to work “. This prompted me to create a step by step on how to properly take apart your brush, clean it and how to put it back together. Here are the steps I have created for you below.

When removing parts, set aside in order, from right to left and please refer to the Parts diagram when re-assembling your airbrush

Unscrew the handle and set aside

Unscrew the needle chucking nut and set aside

Carefully Remove the needle and wipe clean with cleaning solution and a paper towel. Look for any bending on the tip of the needle, then set aside

Unscrew the spring guide and set aside

Remove the spring and set aside 
Carefully remove the needle chucking guide and set aside

*these parts usually will not have paint on them as the Packing Fluid O-ring that prevents paints to enter the back half of the airbrush.

Remove the color cup from the top of the airbrush and rinse the cup clean with water and cleaning brush.

Unscrew the Needle cap and use the cleaning brush to clean the inside, then set aside

Unscrew the Nozzle cap use the cleaning brush to clean the inside, then set aside

Unscrew the Air cap with Fluid Nozzle cone connected (some bottom-feed airbrushes have a cone style nozzle and do not require unscrewing) and very carefully clean the inside with the cleaning brushes. (do not scratch the inside of the nozzle) Then set aside

Next, use the cleaning brush and airbrush cleaner to clean the inside of the main body of the airbrush. Use a back and forth motion.

Start by screwing on the Air cap with Fluid Nozzle cone connected.

Next screw on then the Nozzle cap

Next comes the Needle cap

Next insert the needle guide

Slide the spring onto the needle guide.

Next, Screw on the spring guide completely but, not tight.

Next screw on the needle chucking nut but, not completely.

Now, very carefully insert the needle. Be very light handed when inserting the needle and be sure not to ram the needle forward against the nozzle.

Next screw on the handle

Next replace the color jar.

**Needles and Nozzles are extremely fragile and can be easily damaged or lost. Be sure to handle them over a small dish in case you drop them.

Congratulations! Your Gravity-feed airbrush is now clean and ready to create magic!

Leave your thoughts or comments below and thanks for tuning in!
Be creative, stay colorful and keep painting….

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